Global Water Healing Meditation August 17 to August 18, 2013

The reason the Fukushima disaster was coming into the world was to unite mankind.

But FIRST we, as many people as possible must (!) heal the water

(groundwater, the seas)

By saying "Health" or (and nothing else as “Bless You Water')

This wish includes all aspects of life, a memorization of the water's memory.


Working with the time

This meditation is scheduled to take place from Saturday August 17 to Sunday August 18 2013

In the Universe all time coexists simultaneously (past, present and future) and do not required calendars and clocks.


Important is only the beginning and ending of the event.


The approach to that is using intention and trust that your Higher Self will perform what is needed. This also means that we all meet all together at the same time.


How to perform the Meditation?


Relax: lit the candle if you have one or mentally lit candle


Intend: I allow my Higher Self to join the healing session for Healing Waters on Earth at the time when it starts until finished.


Focus and send to the Waters of Earth 15 to 30 minutes one thought: HEALTH or another thought: BLESS THE WATER - this will encompass all problems and balancing all 4 elements.


Use the Video to focus and listen to the sound of running water, it will help you to concentrate, but it is NOT necessary!


The power of our unified energy and intent will bring great results.




This meditation is organized by the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES and set into motion by Parsifal and Tatiana on August 14 2013 HERE


YOU are the ONE that hold it in motion and therefore you are the RIVER that flows into the OCEAN.

YOU are the raindrop AND the ocean!


Video Production by SiNeh~

Credits for Sound and Motion Pictures belong to Motion Pictures




Thank you for participating and your love


SiNeh~ in the name of the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES


P.S. The video can also be used anytime for a relaxing meditation and I as producer don’t claim copyrights. Please feel free to copy and upload it for your needs and share it with others.

Link to the Video at Youtube:


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