Thought I would share what I posted on my local pages..

Did you Kiss your Mom this morning ?
Did you tell your Dad how much you appreciate him ?

I really wonder whose talking to who and reminding Family how important they are...

In my car I have a tarp, a blanket and a first aid kit... But I am not prepared to deal with telling a Police Officer someones Loved One passed me on a curve and hit someone else or lost control of their car...causing pain and suffering for all the families who love them...

Twice I have witnessed very young people behind the wheel of a vehicle putting their lives at risk and others at risk... and the passengers also..

Hood to Coast is coming up, school will be starting soon and hopefully Families will talk to their Loved ones Young and Old.. It is better to be late and alive... It is better to be safe than to carry the guilt of injuring another person or child..

I pray I don't have to put on 4 way flashers, open my trunk to get a tarp, or blanket and the first aid kit because someone did not know how important they were in the lives of others...

Time to talk
Everyone has someone they would hate to have injured or lose..

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on August 27, 2017 at 3:56pm

Yes Water I do have a passion for the living, and keeping people alive. in my lifetime I have buried 3 son's, witnessed a suicide and held the hands of many who had cancer or other illnesses that were ready to leave this earth.. I have felt the devastation personally and held on to those who had to deal with deaths either by the loved ones own hand, illnesses, or fool hardy actions...I have lived a long life with it's ups and downs .. But I know each and every person has a purpose in life and all I want everyone to live it to the fullest.. Being all they are meant to be.

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