Two portraits of Ryogen » - Author Unknown [Copyright Holder is Kiemon Tsuruya])

« Creeper » is an allegory wherein destructive mental processes are compared to creeping plants. It depicts a confrontation between creeper and host in four stages : introduction, growth, conquest, and extinction.

Although the piece was not constructed as a suite, but rather as one long song, I present it here in two parts. The second part comprises the main instrumental section, the bridge, and the finale. This corresponds to the stages of conquest and extinction of the sabotaging parasitical vine.

Having won the final confrontation, the host confirms their triumph by revealing the modus operandi and nature of his opponent :

Paradise awaiting / Because your constant voice
(All your doom scenarios never come to pass)
Always analyzing / Undermines every choice
(Expected catastrophes never come to life)

Creeper now I can see / You sabotage my dream
(All your doom scenarios never come to pass)
Yet share its quality / Thus ends your little scheme
(Expected catastrophes never come to life)

While the lead singer plays the part of the host, the backing vocalists repeat a victorious mantra.

The plant then makes a few attempts to rise from its ashes, but all are short-lived as they are rapidly recognized and subdued by the conqueror.

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