Coming Alive

It is Presence—God-Self—Essence that is our source and root being and life. It seems we can only talk about it indirectly by describing what it is not. Many think it is something that takes time, perhaps many lifetimes to experience. Who has this kind of time??

To quicken things, let's bypass the mind altogether and do it NOW. What better time? So we will NOT attempt to understand where we're going, how, why or when. Because these things are of the mind and there’s no end to it (the mind likes to talk and talk and say nothing).

We already know many of the obstacles. So by a subtraction process we COULD arrive at the space we know as home and Source. But at some time we would STILL need to make a quantum leap to what the words point to.  Let's bypass the thinking and just do it!

WE ARE THE UNIVERSE EXPERIENCING ITSELF. It puts a different spin on things. This is to say we REALLY ARE the universe experiencing itself THROUGH our body.

So it is we can experience love. It's what the universe is and what we are. This includes our mind, the ego and all our our molecules. Everything. It's a pleasure to be kind and loving to ourselves because we are loving back.

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