We can only see what’s inside us. When we put things outside, we can’t see those things anymore. Even though we’re just pretending.

Fear does this because it separates. It separates by creating pretend boxes for everything.

When we do fear, it can FEEL like our heart is being ripped open. It can FEEL like we’re attacking OTHER doing us harm, when we’re really just hurting ourselves.

However, we can create temporary relief. It's called a cocoon.

To wake up and be a butterfly, we let our feelings and thoughts REST in us awhile by holding a space neither pro nor con.

Then we call Spirit, a living pattern of wholeness from which all things are made.

We grant Spirit permission to awaken by being without worry or anxiety as we become grateful for the love in our daily life.

As we connect with Spirit and identify with it, we and the world transform to something beautiful, new and vibrant.

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Comment by Tsoi Tawodi on December 6, 2017 at 4:53pm

Words of wisdom Jorgelito....thank you!!!

Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

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