Brothers In Arms


There are still too many nights

That we find our chest to tight

Making it very difficult to breath

More times than not in a cold sweat 

Fists squeezed so tight

Straight up we set ready to fight

 Things that comes into our hearts at night

Only to find ourselves somewhere alright

With no reason to have to be ready

With no danger in sight but

We still are wired up so tight

Sometimes we come up

With death screams

That put fright in everyone else’s night

This is just a small part of our price

That is paid for what we done

In our lives just because we believed it was right


What anyone who loves what this country is

What it is to stand for the land of the free

For those who believe it’s an honor

To have the right to be in uniform

Of our country to fend for

Our countries flag

Along with believing in what it stands for

With our very hearts and souls

But most of all ready to

Lay down our very lives

Not just for her but our

Brothers In Arms

Without thought for ourselves

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For the Warriors who fight and Die...

so the rest of us may fight to Live.


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