Wachiiya..been a hard week. We went to see my uncle three hours up north from home..the doctors cant do anything for him but keep him keep him comfortable..so I went to see him to say my good byes..my cousins will be taking him home soon to go and spend his last days at home..my grand daughter loved seeing him again..and he got to meet my new grand daughter..my grand daughter is now a lil over 7 weeks & shes been having a hard time since we went to see him..its mostly in the evening she'll have real bad crying spells..we are told that babys know when someone is about onto the spirit world..so she is probably crying for him already..so I have alot on my mind lately..praying for my uncle and my cousins..keeping my grand baby happy..dont know when I'll be in here again but I wanted to come and wish you all a wonderful day..and an even more wonderful week..take care and be good to yourselves..meegwetch...

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Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on February 23, 2012 at 8:13am

Whenever you feel ready to come back, we'll be here for you.

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