After Years

Of battling the war in my head
Of walking with my dead
Of reliving them all over once again
Of trying to run away from them in the bottom
Of every bottle I could find
Of popping every pill I could ever get my hands on
Of trying to run away from those places
Of where I once had been
Only to find
When that run was over
I was right back where I started from again
Nothing in this world could
Take away from me what was
Lived and all that was seen
All of my running only brought
To my life nothing
But heartache with a lot
Of more pain and loneliness
From pushing those around me away
I had found no answers
In the bottom of any of those bottles
Or the whole time I was riding
On any of those pills
Only more of what I was
Trying to run away from
With each time trying to run away
I only got more loneliness in the end
Finding out that I was better off
Just to stand and face
What was going on inside my head
To try and make the best of it as I can

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