A Unified Pattern of Time, Space and Being

This paradigm is based on an understanding that we navigate by frequency where frequency defines the essence of a thing we call spirit, existing at every space through all time, in many forms.

To manifest ourselves in another location we adjust our frequency to that of our destination. It sounds a bit bizarre, but I am a fan of Star Trek so I’m okay with it.  In this paradigm there is one time, one space and one being (reality of group soul, that’s us).

The one time is present, past and future as one. The one space is that of Spirit whose dimensions are beyond that of Cartesian coordinates. The one being is that of oversoul (group soul), the essence and core of each of us, manifesting through each of us.

Any one frequency includes all possible frequencies and all possible realities thus creating the freedom (if we allow) to move in all directions.

The highest purpose of the galaxy might well be “follow your dreams” because spirit (that’s us) communicates through our dreams …

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