A Day God Demands Rememberance of What Once Was & videos

Some will never understand unless they  truly believe in a Higher Being a Creator.. One who  choses  that we remember

in order that we can move forward helping our Many Brothers and Sisters. Very  few  older than me,  and a whole hell of a lot of them younger. 

Yet this  morning was one of those days ..  Because today is Saturday my  day for making calls,  touching base.  And the Creator  the one I listen to  most times because I am only  human with Human failings..But this morning I listened  doing what I seldom do at 2:24  in the morning  turning onn the TV clicking on  that Channel  that sometimes tells the truths of today and the truths of the past..

2:30 to 4:00   Fallujha , some I knew through  mailing packages, cards and letters,  Mothers, Fathers, Wives, and Comrades, Faces of those  who  remember  the lives lost and  the real  life film clips of those lost in action on foreign soil. The real life moments of those who  I knew who returned and  how they really  felt about    those who died  that they could not save.. the reminder  many times they  only had  maybe 30 seconds to pull themselves together  to continnue on, so much like  Vietnam.. your Brother fell but another brother moved up and   the  fight to make sure that  Brother  survived.. The reminder some of our  Chaplins  left the Ministry because they felt they failed  those fighting, 

Seeing  them alove again. seeing those  who  returned   surviving their Wounds and seeing those who  were able to board a plane and return home to waiting  Family, stealing behind a steel door the anger, the frustrations,   of all  they  lost in that sand box of hell, so they could  make the most of the arms wrapped around them  after being dismissed.. The reminder   they  buried the scars on their hearts, the tears unshed and the hell lived..  As I listened to a young wife  telling  how she  placed her finger deep in the throat of her husband,  bring up about 15 pills because he no longer wanted to  fight the memories..

Yes  My Creator haued me back reminding me  why we must reach out to those from past  wars and the wars of recent times and today..  Leaving me to wonder  whoelse will Remember and who else will Reach Out to Our Survivors of Our Wars??

A few days ago  God reminded me of the  Cancer Fight  amongst  many  who Fought Wars and the Cancer  that  takes  the every day  Working Men, Women and our Children.. And today  he reminded me of those  Who Still Suffer from Serving

Those who Suffer  From the Loss of a Loved One.. and how we  each have a responsabilty  toreach out and let them know the Price Paid has not been forgotten and they  will never  walk alone..

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