Well Christmas has come and gone

But the Angel tree still stands

There's one ornament  made from a olive tree  of the birth of Jesus

I always place a Angel on top to represent his Sacrifice for all of us

Then there are over 100 hundred Angels of all races and creeds

Which for me represents all those who Gave their Lives 

So we could remain Free to be all we  are meant to be

Under the tree is three Silent Salute Statues

With Guardian Angels behind each one

With Guardian Angels behind each one

Since I have had to say until we meet again to so many

During 2018

I decided to take my Heroes with me through 2019

So now their tree stands tall  and is ready for Valentines Day

Changing with every Holiday to come

They will not be Forgotten

Nor their Sacrifices

Many came home and their wars came with them

And they struggled through  many illnesses 

And are no longer here.

The young today need to understand the Sacrifices made

Some who are older need to be reminded

The Cost of their Freedoms

Came at a very  High Price

So I'm doing what feels right for me

Keeping the Angel tree up

With its Red, White and Blue lights

Shining bright for all to see that visits me

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