Another Mothers Day
For us Moms
The days of the past remembered
The blessing of seeing some of our Children all grown
Some having Children of their own
Some knowing the joy of a Grand Child
Some of us celebrating the fact we have been blessed
Being here long enough to see Great and great Great Grand Children
Knowing our Children have been blessed is such a Great Feeling for Moms
Knowing they have faced every trial and overcome them
Is a Great Feeling for Us Moms
To know they have someone who cares for them as much as we do
Is a Great Feeling for Us Moms..
So to my Family I say thank you for all the Blessings you have given this Mom
During her lifetime...
To all my Sisters and Friends who are Moms
May you enjoy all your Blessings
And to the un-noticed Fathers who have had to be both Mom and Dad
God Bless you too

And on this Mothers Day some of us have our Angels
For which I chose to remember how blessed I was while they were here
Knowing one day we will be together again

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Comment by WILLA NYOKA (ADMIN) on May 12, 2018 at 8:10pm


Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

For the Warriors who fight and Die...

so the rest of us may fight to Live.


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