We went to church today

Not in the traditional brick and mortar buildings

It was a day to be thankful

Grateful and a steward for all our blessings

Our way of showing we understand the sacrifices

Sacrifices made for all of us

God the Father gave his Only Son

A Son who rose again and watches over us

Each and every day

Granting us a Freedom to move forward

Knowing we would sin and need him

Blessing us with Stewards that would live and die

Protecting us and our Freedoms

While trying to deliver Freedom

To others around the world


Long ago I was taught there is no building

Strong enough to hold God the Father

Or His Son

Their Church is our World

Filled with many blessings large and small

And it is our job to be stewards

With caring, compassion, love and a helping hand

While protecting the freedoms of everything

So they can thrive

So we are going to church today

Outside of the place we call home

Into the world to be a steward in his name

Caring for that which surrounds us

Offering a helping hand

With compassion and understanding

And reaching out

To the many Soldiers and Veterans

Who made it possible for us

To live Free and be all we can be

While believing if we chose to do so

In the Father’s Son rising again

So we can all live in

Peace and Harmony Together


Written by:

Loretta Riddell ©


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For the Warriors who fight and Die...

so the rest of us may fight to Live.


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