He was a farmers son with raven black hair like his blackfoot mother

He was taught to respect the lands and water and never to leave scars on our earth

She was the daughter of  poet, writer and fiddle player that instilled in her the  belief of

Greater Spirits and the importance of  keeping journals that would be handed down to

those she would bring into this world

They were

Two opposites that joined together and raised a large family

While working together to protect the lands and water and still be able to feed and raise

their children

Even when he lost his arm they kept the family strong and she managed with whatever could

be grown, fished or hunted

They worked together to understand the traditions of both families and make them the

tradition of their  family keeping all sacred.

They lived a long and fruitful life.. Protecting our earth, waters, and all living things, never

wanting more than was needed to make it through each day

They never knew a stranger and their doors were always open to those in need.

They were my rock when  my parents struggled.. They taught  me to enjoy the peace around

me and if i was stressed to seek  my peaceful moments as they did under a tree, near a river

bank, walking a sandy beach, or on top of a mountain. They taught me we are all family no

matter the color of our skin. that we have a job to protect  everything the lands the waters,

the air, all creatures on land in the air or the water.

They were one until they were called home.

They are the reason i live life as i do, for that i am thankful

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on February 19, 2018 at 4:50am

Michael i was taught it is never to late to learn what is really important in life ours, theirs and everything we depend on for survivial.. Even today i am still learning valuable lessons..

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