THE NEW YEAR’S BABY © Vickey Stamps She’d sworn and been darned if she would spend another year after this one, trying to get a New Year’s Baby ready to face the world. This one had to have been the …


© Vickey Stamps

She’d sworn and been darned if she would spend another year after this one,

trying to get a New Year’s Baby ready to face the world. This one had to

have been the most difficult of all the years ever! It was as if it had an

internal computer inside it, set on FAST SPEED and never allowed to turn off.

“Mercy, Lord, and why me?” It was ever so much easier, she thought. In the

very old days, all she’d had to do was raise one with tender loving care,

supply an all over baby oil rub and sweet smelling powder for its bottom

at the last minute. Then she would drape the Happy New Year banner on it

and put it out the door, pointing it into the new years direction.

All of the "old" new years babies, had grown into old men. They always

limped as gracefully as possible out of each finished up year. She’d driven

them one by one, to the old–folks place down the road and wished them well.

Heaven help ‘em, those old new years men. They grew old so quickly over

each year. This one had literally pulled his hair out with the year now

almost over and was bald. She wondered how the upcoming New Years

baby would fare in its new environment. Perhaps it was good that it was

set on fast speed and not able to turn itself off.

All of a sudden, the slamming of a door was heard just down the hall.

This (Mother Nature type) matron of all New Years’ babies, went to

investigate. Trying her best to pull open that slammed door, her

assistant stood with bottom outward, feet braced and knees bent.

Her face was red with effort. With stooped back, she continued to tug

open the door. “Matron” she screeched out “It’s the new years baby and

he is refusing to come out. I had him almost ready for you to put out

the door and now he is in there and saying he isn’t going anywhere!”

The matron heard him repeating that now.

“Nope. Ain’t going. Ain’t going nowhere but here. Get another baby.

I’m not nutty enough to take on this New Year. No way. Not me.

Huh uh! Them folks started up last year with more drinking and driving

than ever. Too many accidents and death on the roads. They have cell

phones that seem to be attached to their ears and use them in and out of

the cars. Smoking is increased and the use of drugs is worse than ever.

Think I’m a fool? Nope, I ain’t going and that is that!” The matron used

her powers of persuasion and was soon inside the room with the baby due

to go into the upcoming year any second now.

”I agree with all you said, but it is far to late to get a new baby to greet

and travel into the New Year. How about if we look at the other side of

the coin? There are so many good people out there, adult and child alike.

They are busy as bees trying to spread a sense of caring to each community.

They believe in that old principle that we gotta have faith, hope and charity,

just like in the song. Those that aren’t doing that are spending time on

their knees partitioning in prayer for better tomorrows. You wouldn’t want

last years baby to have to stay on for another year. He would never

survive it. He’s already on a double pair of crutches as it is. You’ve been

made of good stuff, real state of the art construction. You’ll be okay.

Come on now. Let’s go!”

“You promise I’ll be okay” the New Year Baby said hesitantly? “I can’t make

promises but I can bolster you up with an extra dose or so of courage

if you’d like.” Having said so, she did just that pulling it from her supply

cupboard. Now she pulled the cherubic cheeked baby to her and kissed

its cheeks. She draped the “NEW YEARS BABY banner across its chest

and went to the door. Despite the difficult time she’d had preparing this

little greeter for the New Year, she would miss him.

A tear made its way down her old cheek. She opened the door and set

the baby on the path forward. It disappeared down the pathway to a new

beginning. The Matron stepped inside the home and dropped to her

knees in prayer…"Dear Lord, I'm your servant and will do as you ask, but

could you please make this world a safer place for all of your children?"

"See you next year Lord, and I love you!"

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Comment by Word Painter on December 31, 2015 at 4:19pm

Happy New Year to each and every one of you, and wishing 2016 will hold more blessings then a bottomless bucket.

Vickey S.

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