The stars go out. One by one.
Darkness creeps upon the night;
bright tears steam upon the sun,
until one dark dawn
we find it gone
and we have lost our light….

How can we bear what tears us apart?
Will we ever stop hearing their cries?
Each one a tear in tears of the heart-
will the day ever come
when we grown numb
each time another dies?

Will we hide our Bibles beneath the floor,
our immortal souls condemn?
To some tribal god of war
will our children pray
five times a day
will we strap bombs to them?

Will we remember the things we do,
or things we never did,
or live pretending they were not true-
(for us to bear
our own despair)
as if things are not when hid?

After a while, and time has been-
if we meet others who survived-
will we smile, and forget by then,
this breaking sorrow
at some tomorrow,
and laugh a laugh contrived?

Will we ever forgive our souls,
for what we did not do?
or will shame still live like glowing coals
when the fires go out
will we think about
the courage we outgrew?

Will the screams ever fade to silence,
and we not hear their cries…
will our dreams ever not be filled with violence,
and we not hear
the pleas we fear
when the last child dies….

Keith Alan Bost ©2016

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on June 23, 2015 at 8:56am

This gentle man writes from hisheart

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