my gift is a brand new story orientated to the new year. My prayer is that the Creator will pour upon you and yours all that which is good and right in life and forever hold you all in the hollow of …

my gift is a brand new story orientated to the new year. My prayer is that the Creator will pour upon you and yours all that which is good and right in life and forever hold you all in the hollow of HIS hands. Happy 2015. My latest doll fro sick kids went to a child age 4 in So. Africa that has brain cancer.


© 12/29/14

The ranch-house seemed to almost groan then settle in, as if talking to Sam. The people within slept longer this day, for the night had been long with visiting finally done for now. The last child had been tucked beneath Grandma Bessie’s homemade quilts, and the closing of the last eye lid had finally come about. Sam had been restless and gotten up early He’d sat down on the porch steps, thinking to greet the sunrise. Hearing the tread of boots upon the porch, Sam turned to see his oldest son Brad.

“Hey Papa. You’re up mighty early, ain’t yah?” ”Yeah, I am. Just can’t sleep like I want to lately.

Figured I might take me a short ride.”

Want me to go with you, Papa?”

“No need Son. Reckon it to be a good thing if you looked after the women folks for me. I won’t be long.”

“Okay Papa, I’ll put some coffee on and keep it warm for you.”

Sam saddled up his old horse ‘Paint’, talking to him steady as he worked. He sure loved him a bunch. He’d make it up to him, taking him out in the cold so early, when they got back. Maybe give him an extra bunch of oats and a longer rubbing down.

Just a short bit down the road, was a favorite place for them. Having reached it, he led ‘Paint’ down to the stream that lay north of the ranch. It bubbled gently over the rocks on its bottom. To the right was a boulder that looked like it had grown right out of the ground. Sam put a blanket on the ground before it, and leaning his old back against it, closed his eyes. This was his best thinking place.

All the kids had come home with the family for Christmas. While Matt & Julie had left with their families, Brad had stayed. He’d said he’d help bring in the New Year with them. Sam wished he’d move back home. Heaven knew he could use the help. This getting old left a lot to be desired. He’d be seventy-eight this coming year. Where did them years go? Bessie’d love to have the kids and Elizabeth around. Blamed racket them kids got up to never bothered her a bit. If he ‘fessed up to it, he reckoned it didn’t bother him all that much either.

‘Paint’ woke him up, having perhaps gotten bored of the stream and wanting the warmth of the old barn once more, along with that rubbing down he’d been promised. ‘Paint’ nudged at him again, finally bringing him to his feet. In the saddle and chilled from his nap in the cold, eyes still heavy, he snuggled down more deeply in his wool coat. The horse knew the way home. He’d just sleep a while more. Sam’s eyes closed.

Sam made it home alright, but it wern’t the ranch. Arms outstretched the Lord had made him welcome. Even knowing he had no business to argue with Him, Sam began to explain how much needed during back on earth at his home.

“Why Sam” spoke the Lord “That’s all been taken care of”

“But Lord, warm weather’s due before long. I gotta plow up a bigger garden next year for Bessie and repaint the old barn again.”

“Now Sam, Brad’s down there right now, here let me help you hear him. Listen now…he’s telling Bessie he is going to ask you if he and Elizabeth and the kids can stay there till a house could be built for them. He’s sick to death of the big city and wants his kids raised in the country like he was. You know he always did love the ranch. He done quit his job, but figures maybe if you say ‘No’ he’ll try to get it back.” The Lord closed off the earthly conversation, turning to smile at him once more.

“Okay Lord. You paint a mighty fine picture and I can rest knowing my Bessie is getting took care of. Where ‘s that mansion I read about in the Bible?”

“Knew you wouldn’t be content with such as that” The Lord spoke. “Just head on down into that valley you can see from here. There’s a nice little ranch there, waiting for you and your family, when it comes their time. Even got a rocker on the porch for Bessie. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a paint pony back of the house, in case you might want to ride around heaven a bit. There’s sweet, tall, green brass waving in the breese. You can rest your big frame on them steps leading up to the porch.”

“Thanks “ Sam said, setting off for the valley while thinking on the old hymn ‘Peace in The Valley”

Sam woke up. ‘Paint’ had had his fill of the stream and longed for the warmth of the barn and the rub down he’d been promised. He nudged Sam again till he finally got on his feet and into the saddle. He began talking out loud.

“I’m going to get to the bottom of this business of Brad wanting to come home. I’ll ask him right up front if he’d like to do that. Gosh, but that would be a good thing to know for sure. It would be wonderful if it were true. Maybe the new year would be a time of joy.”

‘Paint, trotted on, nodding his head in agreement.


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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on January 1, 2015 at 7:33am

Beautiful story, Thank You for sharing Wishing you a Wonderful 2015, and may our Lord Guide you Safely through the days to come

Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

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