The path I have walk being raised a White Suburban Catholic, devoting my Life to serving the Messiah, then being directed by the Creator to discover those who were disease free because His Light Still Shined Upon Them.

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Comment by Thomas Goldenheart on January 29, 2018 at 2:35pm

The Altar of My Life.

From a very early age, 5, I have had an out of body experience where my spirit would leave my body and fly over a large body of water and eventually I would come to a tribal village. I could see many tepees, a late autumn day, the village was nestled on the banks of a river, to the northwest of the village were rolling hills with tall pines, to the west was the river and bluffs that were carved by the river as it meandered through the prairie. In the center of the village, was a giant tribal brave, He was waving to me, calling out, over here, over here.

Once inside the village, I was taken inside the lodge where a woman took care of me. At that age, she was my mother, as I have grown older, I believe she is my spirit mate. She has never left me. The brave has made his presence know to me, the brave who was calling out to me is, "Crazy Horse".

In Catholic school, 2nd grade, again called to the tribal way of life. Therefore, the "Whispers of the Lakota is on my altar, Honoring that 1st vision and all that have followed. Crazy Horse my brother; I HAVE HEARD YOU.

After my Native American Ceremony where the spirit world was opened to me, I moved to New Mexico from Yosemite. The very first book I was given was, "The Soul of an Indian. Another Lakota book of wisdom & culture.

During the Harmonic Convergence, someone in Mount Shasta suggested that I read the Urantia Book and within 10 hours this copy was placed in my hands. It survived a house fire.

In the last 10 years, the Essene Gospel of Peace came into my life. The most important gospel Jesus ever gave and IT IS NOT IN THE BIBLE. When I shared this Gospel with Melissa, 5th generation relative of Sitting Bull, that's when she said to me; "Jesus is not the Problem." and began calling me "The Catholic Who Loves the Lakota."

Yes, my dear brother Crazy Horse, I have heard you.

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