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Garden With the Moon

Ever wonder if lunar gardening is right for you? Planting and harvesting by the moon are virtually as old as agriculture itself. Records of lunar gardening pepper historical records, from Pliny the… View »

All About Growing Garlic

Here is a concise primer on growing garlic that covers varieties, how and when to plant, pest prevention, and harvesting and storage. Your reward for growing garlic is the world of flavors that awai… View »

Growing Hops At Home

Growing hops at home, either for home beer brewing or to market to various microbreweries, isn’t as hard as one might think. Most commercial hop yards have long rows of trellises. A version of this… View »

Plants to Avoid

Don't Touch Me: Some weeds, like the dandelion, are both beneficial and a nuisance. However, there are noxious weeds which cause harm if you come into contact with them. Country MoonWeeds. Usually, t… View »

Homestead Legalities

When I first started homesteading, I lived in a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio. It had many environmental and community well-being programs such as being walkable, maintaining a large nature pre… View »

17 Top Blooming Plants For Your Butterfly Garden

17 Top Blooming Plants For Your Butterfly Garden Butterflies are charming and beautiful, they are also very important for the health and well-being of the world we live in. Butterflies pollinate pl… View »

Take advantage of everything bamboo has to offer

Are you interested in growing bamboo? While you might be wary due to tales of the plant’s tendency to take over, bamboo has many practical uses, making it essential for any homestead. Even better, it… View »

How Zoning Affects Homesteaders

Homesteads have a rich history in the United States. In the pioneer days, homesteads were spread out throughout the western portion of the country, and in the rural areas of the eastern U.S. as well.… View »

Pruning For Potted Fruit Trees – How To Prune A Potted Fruit Tree

Pruning fruit trees in containers is generally a breeze when compared with pruning fruit trees in the orchard. Since gardeners usually choose dwarf cultivars for container planting, potted fruit tree… View »

Dwarf Fruit Trees – A Planting Guide For Fruit Trees In Containers

Planting Guide for Fruit Trees in Containers Growing dwarf fruit trees in containers make them easier to prune and harvest. Younger trees bear fruit faster. You can find dwarf varieties of almost… View »


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