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A very informative site with facts, myths and stories.
I have been with wolves for 60 years . that is in fact false on that video . There is a place in Virginia where you can buy full blood wolves if you can care for them . Now in saying that , Awolf will adopt a person or dog in to it's family and some other animals They do not like perfume or strong scent after shave or colon There is always an alfa in the pack and usually a male but in some cases it can be a female . That howl is the same as a dogs it hurts their ears and they react by howling , the only other oldest animal in American is the Alaskan Malamute some claim they never see a Malamute over 180 pounds , well it was poor feed the most of malamutes weighed 99 to 105 pounds at 5 months old and are as big if not bigger than the wolves with the exception of their feet they do have wider feet about 4 to 7 in.s wide another reason for their speed and abilty to take done some
plus it is impossible to tell the howl of a malmute from a wolf .


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