THE SHORTCUT~On just about any video now you can right click and then click : Copy HTML code and paste that into the embed box.

How to post a video ...
On the nav bar at the top click on Videos then click on +Add.
You should see a embed box pop up. Here you can paste in YouTube videos or any videos from your favorite site that displays an embed code. note~Youtube is the only site that will display an image in the list. All other video sites will just show the gray icon for video.
On YouTube the embed code is now under share.
Click on share.
Click on Embed and you will see the code box pop up.
Under the code box check the 5th box -Use old embed code.
All videos have a default size for posting here.
Copy code and paste into the embed box.
Click Add Video.
Click View Video to check it to make sure it has a title.
If you need to change any info or add a title click on Options to the right of the video.
You can-
Edit Video
Add Tags
or Delete Video
How to add a video to your page...

There are 2 places on your page that you can add videos:

1. You can add videos to your HTML edit and add the HTML code into this box. It will only allow one video in this area.

2. You can add a video to your Profile edit and after any question you have answered you can add the video embed code here.

My page as an example...I have moved my Profile Questions to the left side of my page. All videos placed there were resized to a width of 220 on YouTube in Custom before putting the embed code in. If you plan on adding more than one video to each section I suggest you place a few ***'s at the end of the code before adding another video so it will be easier to seperate the code if you wish to make changes later.

For the advanced:

How to make a YouTube auto play on your page.

Copy the YouTube embed code into a wordpad or notepad...

The code should look something like this...

After the question mark add this code...


Copy full embed code and add your video to your page.

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To post a video in any comment box -
*Click on share under the video
*Click on embed
*Copy all of the code and paste it into any comment box. It will only show the video code and not the video itself.

Once you hit add comment the video should show up.

If for some reason this doesn't work try clicking on the HTML box in the upper right hand of the editor and paste the video in again. If it still isn't working check to make sure you copied all of the video code.


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