Sometimes we come across one that makes us just smile or LOL! Share your favorites or add a picture where your friends can add a caption.

How to speak lolcat-



The favorite LOL cat Site...

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This is still one of my favorites!

My oldest daughter just LOVES LOL cats! (She even has it bookmarked on the computer and used it as her username for awhile.) So I was happy that this thread/discussion started and can't wait to post some funny pics.
I can't wait to see some! I love cats and LOL Cats!
Did you know there is a LOL Bible? You can access it on-line.
Thank you for letting me know about the site! I posted the link on how to speak lolcat. Very Cute!

Funny thing is...I have 2 cats that sleep like this!...cute!
This is sooo cute! The black and white kitty has that look of...HEY! it's my turn...


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