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IMG-0009 is beautiful what kind of flower is this?

I love the landscape with haybales too. Looks like a peaceful place to live. I am in the city so all I get is houses, apartments, and streets and freeway views.
Beautiful horsey photo too. Feels like I could just reach into my computer monitor and give a nose rub!
Hello Val thanks for stopping in the bulb is a pomegranate when there ripe and you but one open it has red cereals looks like corn but they are red in color and have a sour flavor it take a ac- wired taste at first and they are very healthy.
The horses comes up to me very friendly and I take his pitcher I think he likes his picture taken I'm glad you like them peace to you come any time Val
Eric, I opened the attachments and added the pictures for easier viewing.
Thank you Connie I need all the help I can get LOL! I appreciate all your help peace to you my friend
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these with us! I love the horse!


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