Valleys, fields, mountains, hills and streams
When city life gets me down
I enjoy getting out of town
later to have pleasant dreams
of being with nature
my soul's nurture

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Peaceful Canyon Valley
Taken at
Ramona, California
Torrey Pines State Beach
San Diego, California

Dry Riverbed Pathway
Between Pine Valley and the Sunrise Highway which leads to Julian, California; right off of the 8 freeway

View from Sunrise Highway looking out over Pine Valley, California

Another view of Pine Valley from the Sunrise Highway

San Leandro Ca.


Makes me think of a poem I wrote a long time ago. Have it written somewhere will have to look for it.
Memorial Park..our favorite place to go camping during the winter.

Looks like a peaceful place.
Very beautiful thanks for sharing.
Another walk in nature for me
In nature I long to be
The sounds of the city drift away
a wonderful way to spend part of the day
A great way to end a long workday
a walk in nature for me

Center of an old forest. Feels so peaceful here; the sounds of the city are replaced by the sounds of nature. Birds calling to each other, frogs and crickets sound out as the sun begins to set. The buzzing of bees from a nearby hive hidden in a tree stump; make one forget this is in a canyon in the middle of a city.


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