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Help! I'm just past the beginners stage of photo editing and ready to get into Photoshop. I have a very old version of Photoshop (Elements 6) that I need to learn so any tips or tricks would be much appriciated!

My first attempt at doing my own transparent background and putting it on another picture for a screensaver...any suggestions?

Hello LadyHawk. I have been using Photoshop for several years now. V7. V8 is very buggy, stay away from it. Your technique in this pic is great, however I make also the following comments. The balance is close to following the rule of thirds, but maybe a little heavey on the left side. It does look a little "fakey" due to standing on clear sand. No foot prints. The color is great. Perhaps a little smugging on the wave and sand would help. You are off to a great start. The tendency is to "overdo" using Photoshops powerful tools. Good Luck. QuietEagle

hiya ladyhawk im a photoshop worker aswell and if you need help give me a shout! not bad for the first attempt :) what QuietEagle said is about right! to match the pics up first you should size the too pics, on yours the sea is a little bit to large to the two people. plus if you dont mind me saying that when you do rendering on people its better to up your feathering when cutting out! on people its best to go 1.5 or 2.0 that way its a softer cut out and will fade into your background, then you can blend the complete pictures together. if you are doing landscapes or moons planets clouds and so on then up the feathering again, it will make the edges go a little transparent so it will fade with the background you are working on!! here is a pic i did for disclose channel hope this helps a bit and if you need more like i said give me a shout ok have fun :) robbie

Great. I have PSE 9 but really no clue as to what it can do. So busying doing basic editing I have not really explored the program. Thanks.


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