Spring is upon us and our thoughts turn to those gorgeous blooms everywhere! Capture some of those beautiful blossoms with your camera and display them here...add one or add many! We would love to see them all.
Cell phone pics to professional. Don't have a camera but have a scanner? Check out scanner photography in discussions!

Enough with the showers, bring on the May Flowers!

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the shells are king Scallops, beautiful eating a bit like crab without all the shells, granddaughter says crabs are spiders with their bones on the outside LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

granddaughter says crabs are spiders with their bones on the outside LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is hilarious!
yes she comes out with some really quaint sayings thik she has been here before, whilst I was taking pictures of the bee she was hunting a mole saw the mole hill moving and tried to get a look at it,
I like the colors of every one s photos its nice to shear the flower photos enjoy them when you can its a fleeting moment in the garden flowers when the pedals drop off in a short time

one of my favorite

the Iris is one of my favourite flowers I especially like the deep purple ones we have fields here full of the yellow flag Iris in boggy ground,
This is one of my favorite flowers as well...so beautiful!

Lovely photo too, such detail


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