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WOW very nice love the birds
Thank you

I too love the birds.

I love all the animals, from lizards and frogs, to the beings of the sky.

Enjoy the photos and I look forward to seeing any photos you care to share too.
This little guy would follow me around work all day.
Oh MY!

Beautiful and such powerful energy he shares I feel.

Maybe he has something he wishes to share with you and that is why he follows you?
He is how I got my name LadyHawk! The old grounds keeper at work said he lost his mate and he had claimed me as his new mate and he followed me all day to protect me. He looks tiny in this pic but he actually has a wing span of about 2 feet.
Our huge blue huron that hangs out at the fountains at work.
So beautiful and graceful looking!@

We have a few of these and some others I do not know the name of down by the marsh at the creek area along the Penasquitos Canyon Trails.
Oakland pink flamingo.

Hawk in the treetop keeping watch on me as I walk along the canyon trail.
I love the expression of this hawk! Nice one!

Hawk Junior checking out area outside his nest.


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