Butterflies, Bees, bugs galore,
photos please do share
for there be bugs galore
And I know for the insects we truly do care
and for without them where would we be?
So share them buggy photos for all to see

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I love this! Your words make the pictures even better!

Bumble Bee enjoying a Sweet Pea blossom

Have no idea what this little fuzzy ant/bee with no wings bug is but looked adorable to me so took photo.
I think this is a butterfly, but could be a moth
but whatever it be
I think as pretty as can be...

Do you have a frame for these beautiful shots?

We should get them enlarged at CostCo (very good prices) and get a frame.

The dragonflies here in Alabama don't seem to have the same colorful bodies like the ones in Ca. This one keeps visiting me out back.

Very nice Dragonfly! Nice earthy colors; pretty in their own way

Appearing as if floating in air
This spidee was making her web
between two trees


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