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Both our cats do not go into the kitchen, even if food is dropped on the floor. They do not get on our dining table either. But I have had cats that no matter how well I tried to teach them no, they do what they wished anyway.
Syrah playing jungle kitty in the late afternoon sun.

What a very beautiful photo! I can see this in a calendar of kitties!
She loves the camera!
Okay not my photos just some coffee cats I found online here...

Always could use some fun and laughter in a day I say, so enjoy...

Typical cats though....

yup...looks like my Syrah kitty! Is it cofee yet??? She eats italian roast coffee beans as kitty treats...
My first photoshoot trying to use props...Kitty was great but I still decided not to do pet photography. It takes more patience than what I have!

We got a new lawn mower the other day...I give you Sycamore, Queen of the lawn mower box!
She is trying to tell you that she gets dibs on the box for a cat hideout since cats do love them boxes!

I was looking for a particular section of the paper and could not find it.

I thought maybe it got left out when I went downstairs and found it....

LOL...yes, that is one of my kitty cats, Boots, reading the paper!

Baby Bear


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