In the Keeping of the Soul Ceremony, the first right given by the White Buffalo Calf Woman, the soul of the dead loved one is purified so that it can return to the Great Spirit from whom it came. Another part of the ritual is the giveaway, a ceremony to release the soul for its journey to the Great Spirit, which may take place a year after death. A current version of the ceremony is giving away the deceased's possessions a year after the funeral, the first anniversary of departure to the spirit world.During the year, the widow or widower makes and procures gifts and assembles the possessions of the deceased and decides what friends to give them to. The possessions are passed on to friends and relatives at a giveaway dinner. Such does possessing is sufficient, teaching non-materialism, and provides for reuse of the goods. It is also a nice way to remember a departed friend or relative.

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I like the Keeping of the Soul Ceremony and giveaway that recognizes the soul on its journey to the Great Spirit.  I wonder and imagine if there could be variations of this ritual performed at certain mileposts in a person's life.  If so, what would they be like?

Give away is actually a ritual within itself. It is held at various times to keep the tribe non-materialistic and generous. The tribe members sit in a circle and place they are possession in the middle of the circle. Other tribe members will pick up your possession and you may pick up possessions of one of the other members of the tribe


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