Two men of a small band of the Sioux tribe were hunting and saw something approaching in a distance. As the figure grew close they observed the beautiful maiden, dressed in white buckskin, caring a bundle wrapped in buffalo hide.She walked slowly toward them. One of the man had evil thoughts about this maiden and moved toward her. The other Hunter tried to forcibly restrain him, but the evil man pushed the good warrior way. A cloud descended upon the evil one, and when it lifted, his body was a skeleton being devoured by worms. This symbolized the one who lives in ignorance and has evil in his heart may be destroyed by his own actions.
The good Hunter knelt in fear, trembling as a buckskin clad woman approached. She spoke to him, tell him not to be afraid, but to return to his people and prepare them for her coming.This was done, and the beautiful maiden appeared in their midst, walking among them and a sun wise, or clockwise, direction. She held forth her bundle and said:

This is a sacred gift and must always be treated in a holy way. In this bundle is a Sacred Pipe which no impure pure man or woman should ever see.
With this Sacred Pipe you will send your voices to Wakan Tanka. The Great Spirit, Creator of all. Your Father and Grandfather.
With the Sacred Pipe you will walk upon the Earth which is your Grandmother and Mother. All your steps should be holy.
The bow of the pipe is Redstone which represents the earth. A Buffalo calf is carved in the stone facing the center and symbolizes the four-legged creatures who live as brothers among you.
The stem is wood and represents all growing things. 12 feathers hang down from where the stem fits the bowl and are from the S
potted Eagle. These represent all the wing brothers who live among you.
All these things are joined to you who will smoke the pipe and send voices to Wakan Tanka. One uses pipe pray,You will pray for and with everything. The Sacred Pipe binds you to all your relatives: your Grandfather and Father, your Grandmother and Mother.
The Redstone represents Mother Earth on which you will live. The Earth is red and the two luggage creatures who live upon it are also red. Wakan Tanka has given you a red Road. A good and straight roadTo travel, and you must remember that all people who stand upon this earth are sacred.
From this day, the Sacred Pipe will stand upon the red earth, and you will send your voices to Wakan Tanka.
There are seven circles on the stone which represent the seven rights in which you will use the pipe.
Remember how the Sacred Pipe is and treated in a sacred manner. For it will be with you always. Also remember that in me are for ages. I shall leave you now but shall look upon you in every age and I will return in the end.

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thanks brother james for sharing this always good to read about buffalo calf woman xx


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