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What Are Snake Plant Light Requirements? – The Full Guide

Sansevierias, known as snake plants, and viper’s bowstring hemp are some of the most durable plants you can grow at home. Their tough nature makes them super easy to care for. These spiky beauties ar… View »

The Pros and Cons of Pine Needle Mulch

Mother Nature has provided numerous natural ways to help plants and trees grow. One of the most effective ways to ensure the plants grow optimally is mulching them with organic materials to enhance… View »

Tips On Using Bone Meal For Roses

Should you use bone meal on roses? Bone meal is a fantastic organic fertilizer to use on roses. It is rich in phosphorus, which is highly beneficial for flowering plants. All you need to do is: Sprin… View »

Garden Crop Rotation Simplified

Crop rotation on a small farm. One of the biggest obstacles for gardeners is crop rotation. This sounds like a simple task, but when you take into account which plants are companion plants, what typ… View »

20 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Grow In Containers

One thing this pandemic has taught us is that we rely too heavily on modern supply chains for food. What happens if grocery stores run out of food? The solution is simple; grow your own. In a not to… View »

Does Epsom Salt STOP Tomato Blossom End Rot?

Here is the question: Does Epsom Salt STOP Tomato Blossom End Rot? NO! Epsom Salts helps promote or encourage Blossom End Rot. Epsom salt has been a favorite tool for a long time in the growers’ too… View »

Your Garden’s Soil pH Matters

To ensure that your garden crops make the most of the rich, organic soil you create, you need to understand your soil’s pH. The pH describes the relative acidity or alkalinity of your soil’s makeup,… View »

Why And How To Use Lady Bugs In The Garden

Ladybugs, the little round red color bug with black spots, oh, who cannot identify lady bug? We all have known it from childhood days! They are the most desired beneficial insects gardeners love in… View »

Managing Invasive Plant Species on the Homestead

Invasive plant species anywhere on the homestead are a problem for the way they displace native species, disrupt ecosystem function, and generally make a nuisance of themselves, but they can be a se… View »

What Is Tree Wrap and How Do I Use It?

Whether you have young or thin-barked trees in your yard, their vulnerable trunks could benefit from some extra protection this winter. One of the easiest, most affordable, and effective ways to safe… View »


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