I've been thinking about Magic in it's Lesser but still just as Powerful forms lately. There are things we do every day that affect the outcome of our little 24 hour Journey twirling around the Sun.

A Smile is Magic! And it changes Someone else's day!
A kind word to a Woman saying she looks Pretty or telling a man he looks Good Does Wonders!
Helping our Elders with a Quick chore and Showing them respect makes their path a little easier.
Letting someone Know they Shine like a Star in your Life lifts their Spirit ... and Yours as Well...

So help me think of things we may not have thought of as "Magic" before... but it really Might be! 

Make Someone Happy!

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I Love You Sister White Cloud Wolf! 12
I think that there is magic in music. The unexplainable way it can affect people, or even the environment around us. Who knows why?

It seems that from cradle to grave,

everyone just loves music!

Wow, That is so true... the Magic of Music. Changed my life. Thank you for that Beautiful reminder... you just made some Magic!
We know that music has the power to change our moods, can make people happy, sad, or even help them to fall in love.

Who knows,

maybe music does even have the power to "change" our environment.


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