Moon Dragon

Seen not by our eyes but they are true,
they watch over us whatever we do.

Coming from times of anchent lore,
and then even long, long before.

We see threw the dragons eyes,
telling between truth and lies.

We listen when our mind is clear,
a dragons call we can hear.

They are guardians of the moon and night,
they protect us when we perform our rights.

We use their power with great care,
we have found the dragons lair.

Written by Heather O'Connell,
(10/05/97), (c) All rights reserved

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Cool Poem... it's one of those that I wish were Longer! Blessed Be, Lady Cin...

Nice one EM, thank you!
Wow! Hummer, this is absolutely gorgeous!
If you don't mind I would like to set up a small "Gallery" for Kerem Beyit here. (See Anne Stokes Gallery) His work is simply brilliant!

(Theme Page addicts think alike, huh? It's the very first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the I think this one would be quite a challenge, but gorgeous!)
I think that's really cool too, one of the great things about creating pages. You could use the same graphic and no two pages ever look alike. It would almost make a good group, not for competition, but just to see how 3 or 4 people interpret the same image and use it to make a page. (At least it would be fun for
This one's one of my favorites. I've been working on a Theme Page with him for ages, but just can't seem to pull it all together! Oh well, maybe someday....

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- Noella Evans


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