What if.....  

you could always find.......

just the right thing to say.......

in the most Enchanting way?   


Please feel free to post your favorite sentiments here for all to share and enjoy!

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My Sentiment is to Accept people for who they are. We're old enough to Say what we Feel. There comes a Point in Everyones life where we decide... either be part of the "Norm" or Express what you Really think. You might Rock the Boat, You might Lose a Friend, You might make Someone Mad at you (for a While), but Who do you be true to? You be true to Yourself and you be True to those you Love. How do you know who you Love? You wonder what they would think about what you do and you Care about what they do! The others are the Audience you Play to. You get feedback from the Ones you Love. You get a reaction from the "Audience". You don't get rejected by the ones that Love you. You get Criticized by the Audience... but the Point is to Learn Who You Are... and then you contribute! Whatever your Talent is, share it and even if it's Not your Best "performance" soon enough you will find your Place and be Comfortable with who You are.

I'm a Musician. I love Playing for Myself and for Anyone who'll listen... I'm kinda Raw but I play from my Heart. When I Play I think..."I have as much Right to play as Anyone else... I'm not the Best, but I'm Good." And I don't have to be the Best... Just do the Best I can.

Overcoming Stage fright has been one of My Victories in Life. I used to Stutter and my lip would Quiver when I Played before an Audience. Minor compared to Most Problems... Like my Son, Jason, who is Deaf. But overcoming Stage fright is a Wonderful Challenge...

I don't think Less of myself and I don't think More of Myself... I think I'm a Lot like You... and You... and even YOU...
Great Sentiment Twelve! I like the way you think!....if I could add just one thing it would be that those who really love you accept you just the way you are and don't try to change you into something/someone they want you to be.

Nice addition to my Train of thought. The Apostle Peter had it Right...
1 Peter 4:8 (King James Version)
"And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins."
Only Really focused people Talk to themselves.. are you Focused?
Wow! I must be really focused 'cuz I talk to myself all the time!....I'm the only one who'll listen....lol

I think Talking to yourself is Fine... it's when you start Answering yourself that there may be a Problem! LOL! And I'll listen to you Anytime, Lady Cin...
I really Like this one, Nigel...
Thank you Nigel for such lovely Sentiments! They are truly "Sublime"!



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