What comes next in the story? Only you can say...add one or two lines to the story to keep it going...Have fun!...


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ONCE UPON A TIME...there was a mystical land hidden deep in the forrest called the Enchanted Realm....
There were many lovely and mysterious creatures living there. The one thing they all had in common was that they were all very shy and it was quite difficult for people to find them.

But ever so Often, if a Soul was Very Still and Learned in the Art of Listening... one May hear a Melody drifting like Smoke through the Trees...

And sometimes, if perchance a fair Maiden were to slumber for a time she may awaken to a small surprise!


Such a thing happened to the fair Lady Hyacinth on the balmiest day one could ever imagine. Upon awakening from her slumber she opened her beautiful green eyes and what she beheld was a miracle beyond belief!
These are so cool, thanks Doug!
The Dragon Babe had wandered from it's Lair and was hopelessly Lost when it came upon the sleeping Lady Hyacinth (Everyone called her Lady Cin...hehe...) and getting as Close as it dared it said in it's tiny Squeaky little Voice... "Are you my Mommy?"

They walked through the grounds of a palace nearby until they came upon a girl playing with her lovely dragon.

But the Tale is just Beginning, for not Far away, the Keeper of the Small, Lost Dragon had been Searching Most Frantically... and Tripped and Tumbled and Lay Dazed but Full aware of his Task...Find the Dragon Monarchs' Only OffSpring... and Save it for the Destiny ahead of it...

For he was a brave and noble squire and he longed to please his Mistress.
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