Spring words in Cherokee

Spring Words!

We present words associated with Springtime, including words associated with ceremonial prayers...ga-ta: "new" fire, kindled after the "old" fire is extinguished a-ya-sta-sgi: "old" fire, burning since the last new fire was kindled.a-tsi-la: common word for firea-tsi-lv-sgi: flower, blossom, flamei-tse: newi-tse-i-yu-sdi: fresh, greense-lu tsu-ni-ge-sdi-sdi: corn sprouting, the second major holiday, today called "New Corn" in English.A-da-we-hi: Elders in the sense of culture carriers entrusted with important knowledge; day-keepers who understood the old Calendar and ceremonial cycle. Also used to mean angel, prophet. They were consulted on which would be the most auspicious days to schedule events.A-ni-da-we-hi: plural of adawehiu-na-la-sa-lv-di-i: a storage building where all of the agricultural tools were kept for the community, including -ga-la-ga-di: hoe,a-go-de-sdi: spade,a-go-de-a: shovel,da-ga-lo-sti u-i-la-ta; pointed stick, used to make hole for seedlings. It was considered offensive to tear off a large part of Our Mother's skin with plows or tillers just to plant seeds, when a smaller hole would do.A-nv-yi: March. Contracted form of "windy month", it puns with "strawberry time," since some plants sprout early.Ka-won-ni: April. Usually translated "flowering," it puns with the word for "duck," since migrating ducks return.A-ni-sgv-ti: May. "They plant"Nv-da i-gv-ga-yi: first moon, the First New Moon of Spring holiday. This moon occurred March 22, and began the lunar month Nv-da a-tsi-lv-sgi (Flowering Moon).go-ge-yi, ga-ga-i, gi-la-go-di: Springgo-ga, go-gi: SummerHi-ga-yv-li Tsu-ne-ga: "Thou Ancient Whites", ritual name for the ashes of a previous ceremonial fire. Ashes are preserved, and used to build the next fire; in that way, it is considered a continuation of the same fire.Hi-ga-yv-li A-ni-gi-ga-u: "Thou Ancient Reds", ritual name for the sacred fire and for the sun and ancient sun goddess/ancestress.Cherokee Springtime and Planting Observances

In the old days, there were two New Year celebration, since summer and winter were seen as separate years. The spring new year was known as Green Grass, because it was seen to be the first New Moon after the first Green Grass appeared. For that reason, it is sometimes called First New Moon. The new moon begins the Cherokee month of Atsilvsgi, 'Flowering'. Over the following two weeks, different Cherokee communities will celebrate the return of spring and summer with seed blessings and planting ceremonies. Full moon was party time!The new moon that begins the autumn-winter season is simply called Nvdadequa, 'Great Moon.'Although holidays were usually keyed to new moons, they were usually not celebrated until the following full moon (kalinvda).
All this to say that planting is part of the Cherokee identity - this year, plant something, even a Chia Pet!

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