and = ale..
and above all = nigadv kaliwohi
and also = ale utloyasdi
and also = ulenu
and assure you = gvyoidaneha
and assure you that = gvyoidane nasgi
and examined = ale atsigoliyedv
and forward = ale anigisdodi
and have been = ale nulistanv
and have taken = ale agigisv
and (hno - suffixed) = ale
and (hno if suffixed) = ale
and hope you have receiv...ed = aquohiyu tsagisv
and i am = ale ayv
and i am glad = ale galieliga
and i am glad to say = ayv galieliga tsinegv
and i am pleased = ale degadanilvga
and i am pleased to say = ayv galieliga tsinitsiwea
and i assure you = ale ayv gvyoidaneha
and i have = ale agiha
and i was = ale ayv gesv
and i will expect = ale udugi aquvsesdi
and in reply = ale aquohiliyvsv
and in reply will say = hia nidatsiwesi gawoiliyvsgv
and in reply will state = ale datsineistani gawohiliyvsv
and in reply would like = ale gawoiliyvsv dvquadulvhi
and noted = ale gowelanvhi
and oblige = ale adalihelitesedi
and, or, but = ale
and return = ale nidayutsvda
and (see also or, but)  = ale
and shall be = ale nidagalistani
and shall be glad = ale degalielitsi
and shall be glad to have = ale dagalielitsi agvi
and then = nogwule
and which certainly = ale tsinudohiyu
and which may = ale yinvgalisda
and will be credited = ale ayosdodi atsitugv
and will be governed = ale asdawadvsdi
and will be guided = ale asdawadisesdi
and you? = nee nah
and you = nihina
and you? = nihina, nihinahv
Me/I=a yv  (ah yuh)
You=nihi  (nee hee)
We=i tsu la  (ee jew lah)
Man=a s ga ya  (ah sgah yah)
...Woman=a ge yv  (ah gay hyuh) (hhh sound in there)
Offspring(my)=a que tsi  (ah kway jee)
Son/Boy=a tsu tsa  (ah jew/chew jah/chah)
Son(my)=a tsu tsa * a que tsi
(ah jew/chew  jaw/chah * ah kway jee)
Girl=a ge yv tsa   (ah gay yuh jaw/chaw)
Daughter=u we tsi  a ge yv (oo way jee * ah gay yuh)
Child=a yo tli (ah yoe htlee)
Children=di ni yo tli (dee nee yoe htlee) (hhh sound in there)
Aunt=e lo gi  (ay lo gee)
Uncle=e du tsi  (ay doo jee)
Father=e do da  (ay doe dah)
Father(my)  a gi do da  (ah gee do dah)
Mother=e tsi  (ay jee)
Mother(my)=u tsi (oo jee)
Grandfather=e du da  (ay doo dah)
Grandmother=e li si (ay lee see)
Chief=u gv wi yu hi  (oo guh wee yoo hee)
Ouch!=a yo  (ah yoe)
Energy= nu li ni gv gv  (noo lee nee guh guh)
Medicine=nv wo ti  (nuh woe tee)
Happy=a li he li sdi  (ah lee hay lee sdee)
Welcome=u li he li sdi  (oo lee hay lee sdee)
Welcome=tsi lu gi  (jee loo gee)
I welcome you=de gv da ni lv gi  (day guh dah nee luh gee)
You are welcome=gv li e li ga  (guh lee ay lee gah)
Ok/Alright=howa  (hoe wa)
More=u tli i ga i  (oo htlee ee gah ee) (hhh sound in there)
Later=o ni ya ge s do di  (oh nee yah gay sdo dee)
Nigadv osiyo,,,tohitsu kohiiga
Uha uwoduhi iga ?
nigadv=everyone/all (nee gah duh)
osiyo/siyo=hello (oh see yo/see yo)
t/dohitsu=how are you (t/doe hee jew)
uha=have (oo hah)
kohiiga=today/this day (ko hee ee gah)
iga=day (ee gah)
Hello everyone,,,how are you ?
Have a beautiful day :)

Note: we place the subject first in a sentence.
Examp: My name is Mandie,,in Tsalagi, it is, Mandie is my name.
Like this,,,Mandie daquadoa
daquadoa=my name is (dah quah doe ah)

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I have a question. My son and I are learning to speak tsalagi and we were taught the eastern band way to say hello is Siyu. Is this correct?

Hello = Osiyo O-See-O
Thank you = Sgi Ski

We have been watching utube videos. There's a man that goes by the name chief moon wolf and he's been teaching how to speak eastern band Cherokee and he said Siyu was how you said hello.

We say Osiyo

Sgi David.


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