Giduwa/Eastern Dialect:

Nole - (no-lay) and

Osigwotsu - (o-she-gwo-sue) how are you

Osi gwo - (O-she-gwo) I am fine

S'gi - (ski) Thank You

Hawa - (hah-wah) You're Welcome

S'iyuu - (she-you) Hello

Hawa vgido (hah-wah uh-gee-doe) your welcome sister

Gvyalielitsehi - (guh yah-lee-a-le-she-he) I appreciate you

Osi tsidenadatsohi - (o-she see-day-nah-gah-sew-he) Good to meet you

Kagoidisdi - (kaa-go-it-ishdee) Who are you

Doyusd - (doe-you-st) What

Hvgaiga - (huh-gah-ee-gah) How much/How many

Elisti - (a-leash-tee) Maybe

Inena - (ee-nay-nah) Go with me

Denena - (Day-nay-nah) Y'all go with me

Nigadv Siyu: Uha equa iga!! Gvgeyu nole adadolig! (Hellow everyone.

Have a great day! Love and Blessings)!

Tsi Tsalagi - (see saw-la-gee) = I'm Cherokee Tsalagi gayotli tsiwoni - (saw-la-gee gah-yo-chee see-woe-knee) I speak a little Cherokee

Tsalagi tsiwoni - (Saw-la-gee see-woe-knee) I speak Cherokee

Tsalagi aniwoniha - (saw-la-gee annie-woe-knee-ha) They are speaking Cherokee

Doad - (Doe-aht) How do you say

Unega gesdi yitsiwoni - (oo-nay-gah gay-shti yee-see-woe-knee) I don't speak white/English)

Osda nuwati - (oh-s-dah new-wha-tee) Good Energy

Gvgeyu - (guh-gay-you) I love you

Sgiyatvdvhvga gohusdi yvwiya gvdi -(shgee-yah-tuh-duh-huh-gah go-who-shd yuh-we-yah guh-dee) Ask me something use Indian.

For the next two, you would just substitute yvwiya with:

Unega (oo-nay-gah) it would say ask me something use white (English)
or Tsalagi (saw-la-gee) it would say ask me something use Cherokee
Osda Nadvneha - (O-sta Nah-duh-nay-hah) You are doing good

Gasigilo - (gah she-gee-low) Table

Gasigilv - (gah-she-gee-luh) Chair

Hatselido - (hah-say-lee-doe) Plate

Am Gugu - (ahm goo-goo) Water Bottle

Agadv - (Ah-gah-duh) A Lot

Tsa = saw

Tsu = sue or zoo

Tsi = see

Tso = sew

Tse = say

Tsu = suh

Example: Tsalagi = saw-la-gee (The gee is almost like key)

These are phrases that all go along with "What Are You Doing" - Eastern Dialect Dohadvne - (doe-ha-duh-nay) What are you doing

Digoiyusdi - (Dee-go-ee-you-shti) Nothing

tsiwoniha- (see-woe-knee-hah) I'm talking

Gedoha - (gay-doe-hah) - I'm walking

Detsonigi'a - (day-sho-knee-gee *pause* ah) I'm singing

Tsigoliye'a - (see-go-lee-yea *pause* ah) I'm reading

Tsidoga - (see doe-gah) I'm Standing

Gaditasga (gah-dee-tah-shgah) I'm Drinking

Godvsga (go-duh-shgah) I'm building a fire

Digilowistaniha (dee-gee-low-wish-tah-knee-hah) I'm working

Gadowo'a (gah-doe-woe *pause* ah) I'm swimming

Vv nole Hadi - (uh-uh (nasal) no-lay Ha-dee) Yes and no

Uyoi - (oo-yo-ee) Bad

Eladi - (a-la-dee) Down/Lay down

Dehana - (day-ha-nah) Come

Sigwo - (she-gwoe) Again

Tsigata - (see-gah-tah) I know

Gesdigata - (gay-shdee-gah-tah) I don't know

Goliga - (go-lee-gah) I understand

Gesdiyigoliga - (gay-sdee-yee-go-lee-gah) I don't understand

Dvno - (duh-no) How come/Why

Uwonihisd - (oo-woe-knee-he-sht) You Speak

Dodetsadoa - (doe-day-saw-doe-ah) What is your name

Kanogwo - (kaa-no-gwoe) Now

Amayetli - (Ah-ma-yea-chi) America

Eastern Tsalagi Greetings:

Siyuu - (she-you) Hello

Osigwotsu - (Oh-she-gwoe-sue) How are you?

Osigwo - (Oh-she-gwoe) I'm fine

Ihinna - (ee-he-nah) How about you?

Osda - (o-sta) Good

Osd - (ost) Great

S'gi - (sh-key) Thank You

Hawa - (ha-wah) You're Welcome

Howa - (Hoe-wah) Okay

Nigadv Osda Svnoi! Ayv gvgeyui nihi! Utsati gvgeyui nole adadoligi!( Good Night everyone! I love you! Much love and blessings)
Utsati Adadoligi! (Many Blessings)!

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