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Beloved Sisters~, Brothers~, Friends~

I'm sure you noticed, that we at the BOLE follow closely what has happen and still isn't over yet by the enormous strong typhoon that hit the Philippines recently.

I personally follow the news that come up daily not as much as probably many of you on the MSM, TV or newspapers, but follow some friends I have that live there or help voluntarily on place with their own hands.

In case you have a FACEBOOK, check out

which is one of those places I prefer to get my information.

Instead of I am the one that speak for them all that living there, I will let two Videos I got today speak for themselves.

I don't ask for much, I only ask that you spend this weekend a few minutes connecting with your heart to ALL hearts on this planet which are going trough trials and suffer.

There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as ONE



''SOS Philippines'' - The song after the storm! [TYPHOON HAIYAN / YOLANDA]

Published on 15 Nov 2013 by Armand TJ

To send further donations to benefit the devastated areas, you may download the song from any of the links below. All downloads will support a fundraiser that helps the people rise up again in the long term.

On Itunes:
On Spotify:
On Amazon:

To join the global campaign to get this song more viral world wide join the fb group:

Our nation still needs more aid, and we're happy more help is on the way. Please spread this video to touch more hearts and souls around the world.

''The Filipino spirit is force of nature''

Please share this song and video on all social medias. You should hear these children's voices! They're from different parts of Panay island, also hit by the storm. Please help us encourage more help/aid from the rest world, and to deliver a message of hope and solidarity to the Philippines and humanity. The Filipino spirit is a force of nature, struggling to rise up. With all your help, we can survive this crisis. This song connects us all as one humanity, from our island, to the rest of the Visayas, the Philippines - and the rest of the world! Please ask all your friends to share. One Love! Thanks for those who contributed to delivering this SOS.

People from around the world have called the Philippines a Paradise on Earth. After the super typhoon, we are struggling to recover and save our Paradise. And that starts with our spirits and our smiles as we go through our daily efforts in picking up the pieces and addressing the emergencies at hand.

This song celebrates the spirit of the Filipino people rising up during this crisis, with the help of all of you around the world. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We are grateful, more help is on the way. We hope this song encourages more souls to reach out to our nation and help us in any way. Me and my fellow artists have poured our hearts, soul, sweat, blood, and tears, and traveled far to rush and put this song out there. We finishe this song and video without any directors, arrangers, producers, and videographers other than ourselves. The children learned the song on the same day as the recording. And came up with their own arrangement. Amazing!

The song was recorded in Iloilo (Also hit by the storm) the night after it was composed in Boracay. Aside from physical needs, our whole nation needs uplifting emotionally and spiritually. And we Filipinos do it best through music.

#SOSPhilippines (The Hashtag for all you netizens out there!)

For the story behind the song and video, here's the link below:

We Are The World for Philippines [TYPHOON HAIYAN]

Published on 13 Nov 2013 by Kevin Ayson

Share the story of kindness, generosity and humanity of all the nations who choose to help the Filipinos - Their deeds will forever written in the heart of the Filipinos.




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