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I thought to title this weekend message



from the


because after having had no internet connection for five days and now we can again serve you with what we feel needs to be served over our network really feels like


When I was coming back online, I was very much in joy because I have seen that as we were offline for so many days, we didn't had less visitors that wanted to read what we have on our


and would fill their hungry bellies with some good food for thought or new creations created by someone on this planet.

Sometimes the food for thought is not easy to swallow, but by chewing it throughout and the right attitude, it is always easy to digest.

Having said that all what I said above, it remains only to offer you my gratitude for being with us whenever you have some time wherever you are in connection with us. As most of you know, we are not only present on our


but also on all the networks I provide you here below the links too.

I also will offer ALL OF YOU my gratitude that provide us articles you are posting on those places that are seen in below links as this are our BRIDGES. My Gratitude is also for all of those that are NOT on our network or in one of our bridged networks present but provide tirelessly articles that help us all to make Planet Earth again a better place and are serving Humanity with love. Without you I couldn't do what I am doing and our MENU would be not the way it is.

our SUBGROUPS are to find at:

Now for making this weekend letter complete, I will invite you to see the latest Video I created if you haven't seen it yet. It is a short introduction what the BOLE IS all about.


and know

LOVE is the ENERGY that thrives US



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