Can we buy stock? lol

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I checked out the site ...
I'm not happy about youtube changing their format soon and have been looking for a new video site. Zippcast looks good but it seems to be a really young crowd there. Hey, they do have 2 Native American videos on there!
Thanks Kind and if you know of any more sites please let me know.


hiya LadyHawkღ rite zipp is still running but not able to do much there yet cuz the guys are trying to get better servers! to bring it up to date, i was told this by a very good friend that knows the site people, so it going to still be a bit of time but hopefully it will soon. :)

All good things take time!

Hi, re ZippCast. I wish I could say that I was in the really young crowd, but I'm not, but it is good there and have many friends there. :)

Haha...only as young as you feel! I checked out zippcast at the very beginning and I knew it would change over time and become more of a mixed crowd. I'll be over there soon...

The video comes up as private now...

I still can't sign up over there...I think they are trying to get everything in place by March 3rd.
Here is their facebook page...

and Louis's page on updates since the 12th of Feb...

This is a very lengthy blog of a letter that I found about youtube but it's a good read...
Letter to Eric Schmidt

I don't think I'm heading to zippcast yet because...when youtube starts banning and deleting videos there, they will also disappear from zippcast (video no longer available). Right? Does zippcast give you the option to upload your own videos from your computer? My son suggested to use the youtube downloader to save any videos from youtube that you like and want to keep. I'll play with that option later...
Yesterday I went back to Mixpod to see what was going on there. It looks pretty quiet over there but for the time being I'll redo my page there so I can at least set up some playlists again. Funny thing...I've only done 1 video and someone already posted it on mixpod! I closed my second page on YT last week so I lost all of the playlists I had. Seether, Pink, Theory of a Deadman, smooth jazz...LOL, the non native stuff that I didn't want on my warrior nation channel...! may be an alternative for playlists for least it has been a stable platform. I have one of the mixpod players on my page here right now if you want to check it out.

Hi LadyHawk
I haven't been able to get past the Log-in at Zippcast..I was thinking YT may have been blocking Their site,,the new Ugly YT you must creativity,,no personality..Hope you weekend was Nice..Wishing you a Positive week ahead
Peace & Light >>> Wolf

I think zippcast is just slow because of server space and can't handle all of the new traffic from youtube. I'm sure they will be getting some decent financial backing now to upgrade. I hope....


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