I have seen to many Native Americans briaing their heads in in the sand thinking we can still make peace. (Not going to happen) We are being exterminated. So what do we do? We act like warriors fight back, stand up and speaking out!

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A-HO..but remember peace is put upon a pipe..and not shot from a gun!

I agree with you brother, peace is put upon the pipe.
And please don't misinterprete me. I'm not talking about violence, but l hope we can agree that we have a voice, and we should use it. Tlazohcamatli, An Caulli Tiocalotl (Thank you, you are good medicine.
Also, scense 1492 we have been met with violence .This land was founded on genocide, though the republicans deny it. Still to this day, we are still met with violence. Look at standing rock! This is why we have to speak out using the tools given to us,like social media.

This is a waste of my time. No one wants to talk about the issues

No..it's just the wrong format ..if you wan't to talk about political issues try one of the "restricted for members only" groups here or one of the Native American groups on Face Book etc. Peace
This is why I left the format is correct.
You don't want to face the truth

Frankly political topics along with those about religion are discouraged here mainly because it causes strife..like now with you..don't talk to me about truth ..you know nothing about me..simply block me as I am going to do to you if you can't be kind!!


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