Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself. It doesn't need to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive.
-Read. Just about anything works, as long as it isn't something that causes you stress.
-Go Outside. A short stroll can clear your head and re-energize your mood.
-Call A Friend. Take the time to call someone who helps you feel good and who will brighten your day.
-Colour. Colouring can act to calm you down and clear your mind as you focus on the task at hand.
-Listen To Music. Choose music you enjoy;it can energize, relax, or inspire you>it doesn't matter. Focus on the music and enjoy the time to yourself.
-Practice Mindfulness. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. When thoughts enter your mind, let them pass through without judgement and refocus on your breathing.
-Take A Nap. Take the time to add to your sleep bank. A nap of 15 minutes can do wonders.
-Think Positively. Soon you'll notice, by making this conscious effort, that you are feeling better about things and life in general.

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What I do when feeling low, "less than" or negative in any way is repeat to myself ... LET MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS REST AWHILE IN ME BY HOLDING A SPACE NEITHER PRO NOR CON. It dissipates the negative energy and re-centers myself immediately without resorting to any judgement.

Naps and sleep are great for problem solving. Knotty problems so often are solved when I wake up!

Last night, my daughter was stressed about her upcoming exams and has a tummy ache - used lavender oil and had a great nights sleep. Getting adequate sleep makes you better able to cope with stress.

I can verify that going outside is the ticket. Just about everyday I go sit under the trees at the park. It feels like whatever needs healing is being healed. The outside knows what to do even when I don't.

Thanks for your reply! Take your morning cup of coffee (or tea) and sit outside with nature before starting your day.

It's going be tea this morning with sunbeams in the window!

My doctor used to say something like get plenty of rest and lots of water and I'll see you in a week. But a better one is GET LOTS OF REST, PLENTY OF WATER AND SUNSHINE. 'Cause sunshine can make all the difference.

Take a relaxing bubble bath. Use aromatic bubbles, perhaps darken the lights, play music, whatever cares for you and your soul.

Sounds wonderful!

Here's a word from Spirit Doctor . . .

I believe there's vitality in the air coming from the sun, still there several hours after the sun goes down. So my plan to ward off a sore throat is gargle with salt water and get a bit of sunshine too. It seems to energize me too.


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