At church this past week, a woman (whom I haven't seen for many months) gave me a potroast and said "The store was having a sale on potroasts, I bought a few, and I want you to have one."
Ladyhawk once told me about a toll road near where she used to live and people pay the toll for the car behind them. (This is done in Canada but in coffee shops - Canada has the highest number of coffee shops per capita than any other country!!)
Have you ever received a random act of kindness? Have you ever preformed a random act of kindness? During the holiday season, we think of these acts, but they can occur any time of the year. Can you think of some other random acts of kindness that one of us could preform?

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I was at Burger King last week and after I ordered the cashier swiped a card very quickly and handed it to the gentleman in front of me. Still not realizing what had happened the cashier looked at me and said it's paid for. The man was in his 30's and had his young son with him and he said it was holiday lesson time! I promised to pass it on and a few days ago I was at the grocery store and a young mother with her 2-3? year old was behind me. She didn't have much and I noticed there was no junk food or soda...basically oatmeal, rice and beans. I quietly told the cashier I was paying for it. I still had a $10 subway in my wallet and I gave that to her and told her dinner was on me. She cried...wished I would have had a walmart card instead.
I told her later on when things got better for her someday she would be able to pass it on.
I stopped at subway and got another $10 card on the way home~

The pass it on is something that happens all the time in the Calif. Bay Area. We paid for the car behind us and we did it at Starbucks all the time to. Usually one of the radio stations and news would find out and they would announce that it was going on. I remember Starbucks went about 2 1/2 days one time. LOL, bet the bay area has as many coffee shops!

See, it doesn't have to be 'a big thing' to you for it to mean a lot to someone else.

Big brother has me listed as a big generally leave a tip for the waiter or waitress as a random act of kindness. Generally....I am the one my friends call when thier car is broken down on the coldest night of the winter. The problem nowadays is that people see kindness as a weakness and some people bum money for a living and laugh and think that one is stupid for giving for nothing in return. i use to stop and help people that were broken down on the highway. Far too often the good samaritan is taken advantage of. The world is changing me slowly but surely.

This is a beautiful thread. I am humbled by special acts of kindness involved in my acquiring my trained animal in 2014. Fees were waived, friends helped, prayers were answered. His presence in my life is a blessing.


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