The 12 animals of the Native American zodiac

The Native American Zodiac
The native american zodiac is composed of twelve animals. Each animal corresponds to a natural spirit guide, an animal that shares the years with you on your life journey.
These symbols (i.e. animals) of the Native American natural zodiac represent your alignment with the cosmos. This is the canvas upon which your fate is rendered.

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Native American Astrology Sign of the Otter:  

Jan 20 - Feb 18


Element – Air  

Stone/Mineral – Silver or turquoise  

Colors – Silver

Personality traits – Independent and friendly  

Compatibility – Falcon, crow and deer  

Western zodiac sign – Aquarius  


The Otter is Unconventional  

The Otter is a difficult Native American animal to understand. They follow their own drummer and shun conventionality like the plague. They are creative individuals who are often misunderstood. The ideas of the Otter are usually quite brilliant but are subject to misunderstanding by other less imaginative Native American animal signs.  


The Otter is far ahead of the Crowd  

The Otter doesn't think like everyone else. Their imagination and creative flights of fancy take them beyond conventional thinking into a realm few others can go. Because of the quick wits and out of the box thinking of the Otter others tend to see them as air heads or fools. This is a big mistake as they are usually far ahead of the crowd.  


Good Times and the Otter  

Friend and helpmate  

The Otter can be the very best companion you will ever find and a valuable helpmate.   Good qualities   They have a multitude of good qualities such as honesty, concern, courage and sensitivity.   Bad Times and the Otter   Reclusive rebel   When things are not going their way the Otter will often withdraw from society and become a reclusive rebel.  



This state of affairs can be destructive to the Otter and those around them.


Compatible Native American animal signs – Crow, Falcon and Deer  

Western zodiac sign equivalent – Aquarius  



Native American Astrology - Sign of the Wolf
Wolf: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Element – Air and water
Stone/Mineral – Jade or turquoise
Colors – Blue-green
Personality traits – Gentle and generous
Compatible with – Woodpecker, brown bear and snake
Western zodiac sign – Pisces

The Wolf is tied to Nature and Man
A passionate lover of all things physical and spiritual, the Wolf maintains an emotional tie to nature and humankind. The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it.

The Wolf is an Enigma
Combined with his/her fierce desire for independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of an enigma. The Wolf needs freedom, yet still being quite gentle and loving – we get the picture of the "lone wolf" with this sign.

The Wolf in Good Times
Affectionate and gentle
In a positive environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle.

A loving mate
The Wolf makes a steady and loving mate when things are at peace.

The Wolf in Bad Times
In a negative environment the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive.

Left alone the Wolf loses his/her composure and becomes wild and vengeful, prone to vicious personal attacks.

Compatible Native American animal signs – Woodpecker, Bear and Snake

Western zodiac sign equivalent – Pisces


Native American Astrology - Sign of the (Hawk) Falcon:

Mar 21 – Apr 19  


Element – Fire

Stone/Mineral – Opal Colors – Yellow or green

Personality traits – Powerful and spontaneous

Compatible with – Salmon or owl

Western zodiac sign – Aries

The Falcon is a Tireless Companion

The Falcon is a take charge person who seldom fails the people who look up to them. Their leadership abilities make them a good business advisor and a tireless companion.

The Falcon Works well with Others

When action is called for the Falcon will quickly resolve any problem or task with the grace of a master. Tireless in pursuing the task at hand the Falcon works well with others in whatever he/she does.

The Falcon Knows Best

Some people are offended by the take charge nature of the Falcon and his/her self centered attitude, but soon realize that the Falcon knows best.

The Falcon in Good Times:

Kind and understanding When everything is going the Falcon's way they are the epitome of loving kindness and understanding. Full of life Their electric nature breathes life into any relationship. The Falcon in Bad Times:

About face When things are not going the Falcon's way everything changes.

Mean and demanding Troubled times changes the Falcon from supportive companion into a demanding, intolerant tyrant that shows little compassion.

Compatible Native American animal sign - Salmon or Owl

Western zodiac sign equivalent - Aries

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Beaver
Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20

Element – Fire and air
Stone/Mineral – Hematite, jasper
Colors – Yellow or blue
Personality traits – Stubborn and methodical
Compatible with – Woodpecker, brown bear or goose
Western zodiac sign – Taurus

The Native American Beaver is a Hard Worker
Control, adaptability and determination are the hallmarks of the Beaver. Serious, most of the time, the Beaver is a hard worker who won't quit until the job is correctly done.

The Beaver is Persistent
The Beaver will not give up on a task without seeing it through in the most efficient manner. A master at planning the Beaver can overcome fantastic odds with his/her cunning.

Cunning is the Hallmark of the Beaver
Gifted with superior wits and cunning the Beaver is a formidable opponent in business and arguments. On the down side, the take charge attitude of the Beaver can lead to head butting and posturing when dealing with others. Beavers are usually correct in their convictions but need to be mindful of the feelings of mates and friends when discussing serious issues.

The Beaver in Good Times
In a positive or loving environment the Beaver can be the most understanding and loyal of friends.

They share generously with those they love and make a good soulmate.

The Beaver in Bad Times
When the Beaver loses control of his/her plans or situation the atmosphere around them becomes charged with rancor.

Nervously, they will do anything to regain mastery.

Compatible Native American animal signs - Woodpecker, Bear or Goose

Western zodiac sign equivalent - Taurus

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Deer
May 21 – Jun 20

Element - Earth and fire
Stone/Mineral - Agate
Colors – Yellow or blue
Personality traits – Moody, good communicator
Compatible with – Crow or otter
Western zodiac sign – Gemini

A Daydreamer is the Deer
This Native American animal symbol is the daydreamer of the North American Indian zodiac.

The Deer is the Life of the Party
The Deer is encouraging, active and sharp minded. With a great sense of humor, the Deer has the ability to get a laugh out of just about anyone. In a conversation the Deer can hold his/her own. This combined with the Deer's quick wit make them a welcome guest at any party.

Warmth and a Pleasant Nature are Hallmarks of the Deer
The Deer is always aware of his/her environment, and even more aware of his/her looks. A Deer can be a bit self-centered. But, the Deer's ego is overlooked because of his/her warmth and pleasant nature.

The Deer in Good Times
Active and Bright
In a positive situation the Deer's active nature and bright personality are seen even more.
He/she is a source of inspiration in any relationship.

Bad Times and the Deer
Demanding and Untrustworthy
In a negative situation the Deer can be self absorbed, have mood swings, be demanding, lazy, and untrustworthy

Compatible Native American animal sign - Crow or Otter

Western zodiac sign equivalent - Gemini

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Woodpecker
Woodpecker: Jun 21 – Jul 21

Element – Water
Stone/Mineral – Rose quartz and carnelian
Colors – Pink
Personality traits – Sympathetic and protective
Compatible with – Snake, wolf and beaver
Western zodiac sign – Cancer

Woodpeckers are engaging
Woodpeckers are usually the most engaging of all the Native American animal symbols.

Woodpeckers are Supportive
The consummate listener, totally empathic and understanding, the Woodpecker is the one to have on your side when you need support. Of course, they make wonderful parents, and equally wonderful friends and partners.

The Woodpecker is Organized
Another proverbial feather in the Woodpeckers cap is the tendency to be naturally frugal, resourceful, and organized.

The Woodpecker in Good Times
In a positive environment the Woodpecker is of course caring, devoted, and very romantic.

Good providers
They value their home and family, providing both support and material resources.

Bad Times
Left to his/her own devices the Woodpecker can be possessive, angry, jealous, and spiteful.

Poor companion
Not a good person to be around when the going gets tough.

Compatible Native American animal signs – Snake, Wolf and Beaver

Western zodiac sign equivalent – Cancer

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Salmon
Salmon: Jul 22 – Aug 21

Element – Water and fire
Stone/Mineral – Carnelian
Colors – Red
Personality traits – Proud and confident
Compatible with – Owl and falcon
Western zodiac sign –Leo

The Salmon is Energetic
Bustling with energy the Salmon conveys an atmosphere of excitement to all who are around them.

The Salmon is Creative
The Salmon is a creative Native American animal sign. Their focus on tasks makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The Salmon is Intelligent
Gifted with intelligence and insight the Salmon is one of the most potent Native American animal signs.

Leadership is a Hallmark of the Salmon
Always surrounded by friends this animal sign is a true leader that commands the respect of anyone within the sphere of their influence.

Good Times
Partners and confidants
When things are going good for the Salmon they are excellent partners and confidants.

Ideal mate
Their sense of generosity and fair play make them the ideal mate or business partner.

Bad Times
Obnoxious bully
Without an atmosphere of love around them the Salmon can be an obnoxious bully.

Loss of friends
If they continue in this state the friends they have gained will soon part company with them.

"Individuals born under the sign of the sturgeon (salmon), considered to be one of the strongest signs in Native American astrology.

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Bear
Bear: Aug 22 – Sep 21

Element – Water and Earth
Stone/Mineral – Topaz
Colors – Brown and purple
Personality traits – Modest and practical
Compatible with – Goose and beaver
Western zodiac sign – Virgo

The Native American Bear Sign is Practical
The Bear is a very practical animal that takes its time when there are things to be done. Don't be fooled by the Bear's methodical nature. Attention to detail requires the utmost care and patience. This the Bear does with a steady reliance.

The Bear Sign is Levelheaded
The Bear's reasoning abilities makes him/her a good business person especially when the going get difficult. They are the epitome of levelheadedness. Usually the voice of reason in most scenarios, the Bear is a good compliment for Owls.

Sharing is a Quality of the Native American Bear Sign
The Bear has a heart of gold and shares freely with those in its circle of influence. But, the shyness and humility of the Bear often hide these qualities of caring. Often miss judged, the Bear learns to live with an inner peace that passes beyond our understanding.

The Bear in Good Times
In a positive environment this Native American animal symbol gives love and generosity in great measure.

The Bear has a full measure of patience and temperance, which makes him/her a good teacher & mentor.

The Bear in Bad Times
When alone too much or in a negative environment the Bear can become bitter and reclusive.

In this state of affairs the Bear's vision narrows and generosity is replaced with a self-centered laziness.

Compatible Native American animal signs – Goose and Beaver
Western zodiac sign equivalent – Virgo

Found this very interesting, thank you for posting it

I also found this very informative. Thank you soo much for it. It explains a lot that is true about me.

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Crow (Raven)
Crow: Sep 22 – Oct 22

Element – Earth and air
Stone/Mineral – Jasper
Colors – Blue and brown
Personality traits – Charming and friendly
Compatible with – Otter and deer
Western zodiac sign – Libra

The Crow is Zealous and Impressive
The Crow is zealous, a natural explorer and adventurer. They are quite charming and impressive in their day-to-day activities. These traits come natural to him/her and require little effort on their part.

The Crow is Full of Natural Energy
It is easy to see the natural energy of the Crow in the way they conduct their daily lives.

Awareness is the Hallmark of the Crow
They are often sought after for their opinions and advice. This is because the Crow is clever, bright and aware of things most others overlook.

The Crow in Good Times
Relaxed and romantic
In positive situations this Native American Zodiac Animal is relaxed and can be quite romantic.

Patient and understanding
With loved ones the Crow is patient and understanding.

The Crow in Bad Times
Demanding and abrasive
In negative situations the Crow can be demanding, inconsistent, vindictive, and abrasive. Enemies will encounter this quickly and back-off if they are smart.

Compatible Native American animal sign - Otter and Deer

Western zodiac sign equivalent - Libra

Native American Astrology - Sign of the Snake
Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22

Element – Earth and water
Stone/Mineral – Amethyst
Colors – Violet or orange
Personality traits – Ambitious and impulsive
Compatible with – Woodpecker and wolf
Western zodiac sign – Scorpio

Medicine Men and Shamans are often Born under the Snake Sign
Most medicine men and shamans are born under the Native American animal sign of the Snake. The Snake is a person with deep spiritual ties to both nature and the spirit world. They are a bridge that spans heaven and earth.

The Native American Snake is a Healer
A Snake person has the ability to make things that are wrong into things that are right. Their insightful nature can heal both spiritual and physical ills.

The Snake Cares for it's Fellow Men
To some the Snake is a difficult person to understand. This Native American animal sign dwells in a netherworld that only a few others can observe. The mysterious nature of the Snake hides a soul that cares deeply and a heart that strives for the welfare of their fellow men.

The Snake in Good Times
Loving and caring nature
Although the Snake can appear to be aloof at times, in a loving environment this fasade gives way to a loving and caring nature.

Source of support
They can be a source of inspiration, laughter and support to those that they love.

The Snake in Bad Times
Strikes out
When the Snake is in a negatively charged environment or when attacked he/she will strike out with deadly force.
Unbalanced emotional state

Adverse conditions can create an unbalanced emotional state for the Snake and can lead to their downfall.


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