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I love this with just one flower open.
Thank you very pretty from such a prickly plant yes? I think cactus (or is the word cacti)? Have the prettiest flowers.

All's I can say is WOW! Very nice shots with the bees inside. Ahhh...someday I should get so lucky!
Thank you. After I began to take their pictures though, a couple flew at me as if I was interrupting them so I left them alone.
LOL, nice bees...I got alot closer than I wanted on this job! That is not a hive but bees all piled up on top of another...couldn't wait for that job to end!
How cute!!! A Bee Ball!

They gather like this when they are in transition from one hive to new home. They will remain as a Bee Ball until suitable home is found then move into there.
LOL, he filled up 8 trays with bees. While we were there for the ball in the peach tree 2 more swarms came in.
Well, the bees must have truly loved the area there then? LOL Busy bees!
My peach blossoms...before 45 mile per winds came in last week and took the petals away!
How Beautiful!
Sorry about the wind. When new blossoms grow hopefully they will be stronger and remain


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