First I wanted to write about something that affects everyone in the world.
I have no expert knowledge of the subject of oil.
 I have an opinion about oil, it has plagued the world for far too long.
I find myself in a quandary about this international subject, I live and try to earn my keep in Alberta the Oil capital of Canada. Tar Sands to be exact.
Tar Sands have provided Native and Canadian economic gains here and has provided a resource that reaches all of us.
Alberta is also RAT free the only province.!

I have a desire , lets say to pass on this world to another coming generation, clean, or as close to clean as possible.Time and certain actions are certainly required to achieve it.

The "Rethink Alberta" campaign was conceived by Corporate Ethics International, the San Francisco-based group behind recent ads likening
oilsands development to the scenes of plunder depicted in the
blockbuster film "Avatar."

Rethinking Alberta as a tourist destination is what this organization is promoting...

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Thank you EM for bring up this subject on oil. I think we have all been keeping an eye on what is happening in the Gulf right now. Reading the paper and watching the widespread devastation on the daily news should be a clue for people to start rethinking our source of energy. The priority in our life time should be to come up with a cleaner source of energy to pass on to future generations. I have done much research on the tar sands in Alberta and I am heavily invested in some of the smaller developing companies. I guess the lesser of two evils in the oil industry until another solution is found. And, I really don't know anyone that would jump at the opportunity to vacation in Northern Alberta, even during the summer months.
Oil is a fuel source that has passed its time. It's time to take a serious look at renewable energy, like wind or water.


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