I have a hard time catching up to Clif's mind sometimes even though I've been following him at halfpasthuman since 06. Interesting stuff to wrap your head around. Today's essasy:

Time has it's hooks in you.

Well, rather the 'time' of your previous life has you by the short and gnarlies. Feel drawn to a previous age? Have a strong sense of yourself in some other family in some other century? Ever feel like you were born out of 'your' time?

Of course you are!

This body's life's time, that is. It can get soooo complicated, thinking and talking about time.

Of course you feel like out of time at times when contemplating yourself in time. Almost everyone has some intuition or deep gut feeling of association with another age. Not a big mystery, as in most cases it is due entirely to having lived in that past age. In another life.

We all have other lives. No, not the secret life you are living in this body and it's time, but rather other lives, other bodies, and to our point, other times.

What happens is that all of your memories, experiences, and thoughts are all boiled down to a thick syrupy mass in your metempsychosis period between lives. They get a kind of emotional 'time stamp' that will, in your next incarnation, be an emotional 'draw' towards the good parts of that other body's life. In some cases you will find that people are emotionally captivated by periods of history. Frequently they have only the vaguest and incorrect understanding of the 'why' of their fascination.

What it is, naturally, is that all of the good parts of that previous life, stripped of identity, are acting as an emotional magnet, and what is it that comes through the distillation process of the metempsychosis? No, not memory, and thus likely all claims of 'past life memories' are self-delusion, but rather time. Yes, time is the strongest energy pattern associated with life, any life, all life, and all lives. We all live in time, until we don't then we are out of time, until we pop back into time, one more time. See how that works?

The 'time of our previous life' is at the essence of our intuition in this life, and is likely the most palpable part of that existence to be experienced in this one....a longing for another time. That time.

Now you know why that time calls you so fiercely, so cloyingly, so continuously...because it was your time. Just as the accumulated moments of this body's life's time are destined to be the draw to you in some other time's body. Or is it some other body's time?

The whole thing about previous lives.....who is to say, if the general shape of time is circular, which life is previous to which? eh?

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