Reflections and Breakfast Down At Mickeys by Judd Herrmann

There is a diner down on Del-Paso Blvd. in North Sacramento called lil' Joes
which back in the 80s was open 24 hrs. and served the street people and late night crowd of the area.
It sat on a corner between a "Adult Bookstore" and a Motel which as you can imagine "complimented"
each other, a block and a half north of there is a A.A. hall where I finally got (and stayed) sober after waking up over a cocked and loaded Revolver convinced me it was time.
LIL' Joes had quite a colorful crowd after about 12 am and really got good after 2 am when the bars and liquor stores closed I remember back in 87 when I was there, a movie came out with Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway called "Barfly" which perfectly captured the area so well you'd think it was filmed there.
All this being said here is a little ditty that captures the scene quite well.
read on

Breakfast down at Mickey's neon railroad car
café / It's the only joint downtown St. Paul
with balls enough to stay open for the derelicts
the nighthawks and the whores / and whatever
creeps down 7th street and stumbles through
the doors / myself of course included,
I'm polluted some again, I've been washin'
psychedelics down with shots of rot-gut gin.

And here I am at 5 am some connoisseur of
highs, prepared to order sunnies up and poke
those yellow eyes / the patrons cough their
coffees down served hot and fast and thick, like
years lost on the sidewalks, man, it slides down
pretty slick / the hookers suck off cigarettes,
the bums bend down for butts
It's another night of doin' all right
except for minor cuts.

And a rip- off in the alley and a tip- off to the
cops about unseemly happenings behind the
porno shop and though I feel I've had some
fun I ain't sure where I've been / I grope for
recollections, just find whiskers on my chin
the juke box doesn't help me much by playin'
Western stuff / I'm a blue boy rock'n'roller
and I've nearly had enough.

My pockets will be empty when I pay up for the
eggs / I only hope that they provide
some strength down in my legs / one foot then
the other, boy, you're halfway up and gone
headed for the park to find six feet of shady
lawn / one foot then the other, boy, some
sleep'll set you clear / shuffle off as sunshine
starts attacking from the rear.

Breakfast down at Mickey's
breakfast down at Mickey's
breakfast down at Mickey's neon railroad car café
another crazy night leads to another crazy day
another crazy night leads to another crazy day
oh, breakfast down at Mickey's
see ya there!

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